What Bankers Dream About
What Bankers Dream About
Wells Fargo
Transparency Campaign
Client: Wells Fargo
Agency: BBDO San Francisco

Bringing Humanity to Banking Through the Humor of Life.

To be honest, we never really grew up with a strong idea of what banks do. We knew if we put money into our account it became locked away in some kind of infinite limbo never to be used to buy the latest AC/DC album. Which is why most of our money to this day is locked away safely under Jen’s mattress. Safer that way, especially when Brian Johnson is hitting the road again later this year.
BBDO San Francisco realizes most people’s eyes cross when faced with statistics and features of Wells Fargo’s products, so they came to us to craft a series of quirky spots that explain the benefits of Wells Fargo in a metaphoric, story driven way. The idea is to create something entertaining that supports the script in a “see and say” way - but with a twist that captures the imagination of banking. Yes, bankers have imaginations too.
We’re quite keen on mixing 2D illustrations with a realistic sensibility of light and shadows. The look of the spots are a balance between sophisticated simplified silhouettes and a more relatable hand shaded feel.
WF_walking_dudeIt’s a mixed style, animated in an equally mixed way. We used different styles of animation, from After Effects, Faux 3D, and good ol’ fashioned frame by frame cel animation all together in a big 55 gallon sized bowl and then we mixed them until the end result was a buttery smooth, fluid spot.
WF_TrackingTransitions between scenes was an area of specific interest to us. We’re fans of not relying solely on an After Effects camera to lead the viewer to a different staging area.  Instead, whenever possible, we tried to create complex transitions where the shapes of the scene would bleed into the next. Instead of the camera resetting the scene, we used the material of the scene to create a new one.

“Banking UI, Meet our Designers.”

Quite common these days we’re tasked with creating a product demo without actually demoing the real interface of the actual product. Reality is so dry. In animation, we have so much more flexibility to make the real interface something incredibly simplistic and easy to understand. The style of this campaign warranted us to simplify the UI to a fairly aggressive degree, creating shapes of color where blocks of text once stood proudly.
It’s all in an effort to create fluid spots, and considering the interface elements were our primary introduction, they had to feel familiar to the language of the spots they preempted. We’re no strangers to insinuating an actual UI into our designs, but for this assignment, we pushed the boundaries of simplification into something streamlined, elegant, and fun.
It always seems like there’s an equal amount to say in a 15 second spot as there is in a 30 second spot.  You just have half the time to say it.

Making Banking as Smooth as a Used Car Salesman in the Final Days of June.

Fluidity is a term we throw around quite candidly these days. It’s almost replaced the word “organic” - but we’re not going to hold onto hope for a complete changing of the guard. Our intention was to create one stream of consciousness, carrying the viewer through the paces without relenting. There’s always a lot to say in a 15 second spot, so it was important to establish a fluid language to the animation so that we can keep a brisk pace. Cutting too often requires more time for the viewer to digest each scene. If you can dissolve a scene into the next, you can carry the thread of the story through the transition, saving time.
Any time that we could save in the spot, we would pack with more design and animation. In fact, we left a considerable amount of design on the table once we starting timing the spot out… Says something about our ambition to wedge a feature film into each 30 second (or 15 in this case) animation we do. These were incredibly fun spots to work on - Hopefully they’re equally fun to watch. And who knows? Maybe they’ll enlighten a couple Wells Fargo customers in the process.
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