Comedy Central
Brand Exploration
Always a good time to celebrate
Always a good time to celebrate
Comedy Central
Brand Exploration
Comedy Central
Brand Exploration
Client: Comedy Central
Agency: Comedy Central
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Project Description


Over the years, We Are Royale and Comedy Central have had some fun together over the years. We knew the first time we went to visit and met with the Comedy Central team a long long time ago that our sense of humor was on par.. In Fact we have always been huge fans of Comedy Central so of course we were stoked to be working with them on many projects since our initial meeting. A little Royale fun fact is indecision 2008 was one of our first major network pieces as a company. Many years later after 6 roasts, a few show packages, many promos, and a very large scale network rebrand exploration we’ve gotten to know this amazing brand very very well.
A few years back Comedy Central tasked us with the task of a logo redesign.

The Logo. When it comes to Comedy Central’s iconic city landscape logo, we were charged with a great task to redesign the logo in a modern way. Through many rounds of back and forth we came up with the anti Logo Logo aka. the best logo ever designed in the world. As you can see from the iconic logo to our Anti Logo we kept the iconic typeface so it felt more like an evolution of the logo. We created a logo transition piece to help usher in the new logo look and feel when the launch of the new logo took place.


After we got the basics together, and of course a strong concept of the anti-brand brand, getting in the way of itself and taking itself super seriously (but not), We proceeded developing and skinning the logo in many different ways. We designed a logo that could stand alone or take on different forms based on the aesthetic of the environment or the vibe of the show.

We created the anti logo and suggested we spent a lot of money doing it. Also with the brand itself we wanted to always use the talent in a fairly graphic environment with a little extra saying or addition to what was being said.

Logo what? After a deep dive into Comedy Central’s history and of course knowing their brand super well we devised the anti-logo. At first glance looks like it could be a political redaction from the record, or simply scratching out or censoring something. The irony in the logo we created was a logo and a brand that took itself too seriously but not really.   The idea is that what if you spent an exorbitant amount of money on a logo that was beautiful and shiny that never really got it right. It would always falter last minute or sensor some important information to create new information.


How would all of this roll out? We wanted to test out and see how this new brand worked so we decided to make a few mock promos to show the client how the Anti – Logo Logo could work.   As we jumped in and started doing logo animations it was fun playing with the Anti Logo. making it look big and beautiful only to find that it’s beautifully animated with just one little glitch that goes wrong.

We also put the logo to the test when it came to Print either for billboard, subway, train, you name it we played with it.   We even started thinking of digital extensions and how this might play into creating a well versed well rounded brand that engaged audiences from all different angles. This approach just in time for the IPhone and Apple App store once it was in full steam.

In Colbert We Trust. A sample promo to prove the logo and content could work with Steven Colbert’s hit show “The Steven Colbert Show”.

Humble Beginnings. Comedy Central once came from humble beginnings as an experimental network. Over the years with hit shows like The Daily Show and South Park, Comedy Central quickly became a powerhouse network to be reckoned with.

South Park. How could you ever go wrong with South Park. We created a sample promo to show how a new unreleased batch of South Park shows would be received in this new Promo Format. We start in a nuclear type setting with screens glitching and well, you can see where it goes from there.

The Daily Show. We all need to laugh and the Daily Show is a perfect storm of news spun told through a Comedian Lens. It’s brilliant really and we wanted to create a Promo that highlighted the Muy Importante-ness of the show.