What we did:

Project Description

A Champion Caliber Microsite

NBA Champion and All-Star Stephen Curry is one of the most recognizable figures in professional sports. His style on and off the court creates an unmistakable voice that reached all the way to his Curry 5 release. His signature shoe collection is vital to Under Armour’s (UA) brand, so when we were brought on to develop the Curry 5 microsite, we knew we were dealing with some serious star power. We developed and created the site from UA’s design and concept and worked with their team to bring it to life through various web animations and interactive elements.

Designing the site was a collaboration with Under Armour to maintain brand consistency and Curry’s style. The site utilizes all kinds of tech trends, but it’s all in service of the design and experience. We didn’t want to distract from the user’s experience, but rather, enrich it overall.

Maybe something can go here to break up the design? 

Much like any creative endeavor, the design evolved throughout the process. Digital projects, like microsites, have a unique workflow that must capitalize on the narrative while still remaining robust enough to work in different markets. Seeing as how Curry is a pretty big deal all around the world, this site needed to hold up in a multitude of global languages. Not only did we create an interactive front-end that reflects the Curry 5 style, but we supported it with a back-end that adjusted for these markets.

Pulling all of these elements together, we also knew our target audience and their growing demand for mobile-first discovery. So, small screens it is! This site, like most robust sites today, needs to scale for all screen sizes in a graceful and considered manner. And since we don’t like to shoot air balls, we considered a unique design and layout for the mobile experience that would give users the information they need in a style that reflects the Curry 5 design.