Music Makes it Better.
Music Makes it Better.
Music Unlimited
Client: Amazon
Agency: D1
What we did:
Live Action

Alexa, Turn It Up to Eleven.

We’re getting older. Old enough to remember the not-so-distant past when we relied on the likes of Martha Quinn, Adam Curry, or a mixtape from our older sister to discover new music. Wearing out that rewind button on our yellow Sony Sport walkman. And while nostalgia is fun and convenient, hells bells is it easier to discover new music these days. With streaming services abound, it’s a new frontier of music delivery - and opening the doors to countless artists who are finding broader audiences as a result. That said, it sure is getting crowded fast, isn’t it? With every tech giant throwing their hat into the ring, it’s easy to get lost in the fray.
Amazon is the latest to jump headfirst into the music streaming pool, but while looking to avoid redundancy by improving the user experience. With a very robust foundation of AI enabled products such as the Echo, Dot, and Tap already in place, and a massive existing subscription base with Amazon Prime, adding music streaming to the service makes all the sense in the world. And with the help of Alexa, Amazon Music Unlimited jumps ahead of the competition by enabling you to search for music by lyrics, mood, and playlists.
You know that song that goes “Motorhead, what’s your price for flight?” Of course you do. And you're welcome for that being stuck in your head the rest of the day. What the hell is the name of that song anyway? Who sings it? You have no idea. Alexa does though, because she’s the internet and the internet knows all things. So all you have to do is say “Alexa, play that song that goes ‘Motorhead, what’s your price for flight’” and the voice activated AI service will cue up “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger.
In the mood for dance music? R&B? Happy music in general? Alexa will cue that up as well, along with pre-existing playlists and more. Just consider her your AI version of Headbangers Ball, ask her to toss on some 80’s death metal and spend a relaxing evening at home.

One Big Dance Party

Naturally, when Amazon and D1 approached us to help create an announcement campaign for their new service we were thrilled. The idea was to create a fun, pop-centric series of spots featuring a fun, energetic, and slightly irreverent cast. Sets, props, styling, and wardrobe were all coordinated to work within the restrained but bold palette of the Amazon brand while supporting the many different scenarios in which one is able to access music through the service.
Not only did we need to capture enough footage to support a long-form anthemic spot, many cut downs and focused re-edits, banners, and print - we also needed to support spots announcing the service globally in countries such as the UK and Germany. So the plan was simple. “Candy stripe” the stage, setup one color at a time, and then have a raging dance party for hours on end. The best way to get lots and lots of coverage, so we’ve come to understand, is to shoot lots and lots of coverage. So we did just that.
The spot featured in this case study is a cut we did internally in an effort to showcase our favorite shots from across the various deliverables, and embody the spirit of the campaign.
Color us Happy. We had a blast working with the good folks at Amazon and D1 on this campaign. From the very first brief it was clear the potential was there to have a lot of fun, and it surely didn’t disappoint. It was an honor to help roll out such an exciting service, and really any excuse to dye three racks of clothes bright pink is something we don’t need much convincing on. Oh and Pro-Tip: when “Cake by the Ocean” is played on repeat for an entire afternoon, it will become permanently imbedded in your brain and can never be removed.
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