Distracting you from danger
Distracting you from danger
Client: Garmin
Agency: Direct to client
What we did:
Animation, Illustration, Social

Just Drive

In a world where the majority of people use their phones to stay connected to their world, the act of navigation has become a part of the same device your checking emails on, while watching youtube videos, and texting pictures of your dad’s junk filled garage...  while driving.  We live in a distraction filled world, there’s no denying that.  The act of driving has become a Penn and Teller special of balancing a million things at one time.  Garmin would like to remove the navigation aspect of those distractions so you can focus on the one thing you should be doing:  Driving.
Garmin Drive Series has come a long way since GPS navigation was first introduced.  They connect to your smartphone, giving you notifications when people do try and distract you.  They alert you to hazardous driving conditions to help avoid accidents.  And when you do get into an unfortunate accident with a punk kid who doesn’t take his earphones off to talk to you like a sane person, they have a dashboard cam to record the fact that this dude is a punk... totally his fault for being a punk.
To celebrate all the things that the new Garmin Drive Series can do, we created a series of fantastical animations of what it can help you avoid.  Like aliens.  Not James Cameron’s “I’m Going to Kill You” aliens,  but the cute bug-eyed flying saucer 50’s kind.
Dashcam :15 You ever drive behind a truck delivering newspapers that are flying off the bed like they were beads at Mardi Gras?  Totally not your fault for hitting that truck... in fact, we’d say the dude probably deserved it.  Regardless - Garmin has you covered.  We needed to orchestrate the full spot so that we could cut it apart and rebuild :15 spots efficiently.  New scenes were added along with new transitions to keep the flow of the spot consistent with its longer form sibling.
Notifications: Garmin Drive taps into your phone to display notifications of all sorts - including that long Honey-Do-List of things you’ll get to at some point.  This is another example of how we re-orchestrated elements and scenes from the longer form spot to create a shorter :15 cut.
You got a “Honey-Do-List?” We know how that goes, we’ll get to it all eventually - trust us.  Garmin Drive will help you out by notifying you of those things to do, checking off the boxes as you go.  We created a lengthy list of icons to bring that point to life.
All those cards needed a place to go.  Here’s our accordion rig for our never-ending Honey-Do-List.  It let us add cards on the fly, adjust to any revisions, and play with an animated bounce to give the list a little weight as they all slid into the screen of the Garmin Drive.
Look at each feature of the Garmin Drive as it’s own vignette, and use stylish transitions to fluidly move between them.  The result is a spot that feels like a one-shot, keeping the momentum going from beginning to end.

Driving Miss Daisy.

The Garmin device is a fluid and diverse tool to help you navigate through this complicated mess of life. By stitching the vignettes together in a clever, unexpected and somewhat humorous ways we created a series of spots that pokes fun at life, and offers a solution to the madness:  Garmin Drive.  Thankfully we had an incredibly funny script for us to start with, not everyday you get to play with UFO’s snagging cars off the 105 freeway.
We absolutely love when companies are willing to add humor to their spots, to build awareness of product features, but at the same time, create something entertaining.  That’s really what advertising is:  Grab a viewers attention, entertain them, and build up a relationship between them and a brand.  For Garmin, these spots go a long way in building a positive outlook on GPS  navigation, and their brand as a leader in the field.
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