Try Out the New Galaxy S6 Edge.
Try Out the New Galaxy S6 Edge.
Try on a Six
Client: Samsung
Agency: R/GA
What we did:
Digital, WebGL, 3D

A Virtual Test Drive

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a lot of interesting features. The world’s first dual curved display smartphone features a 5.1” Quad HD screen and built in wireless charging. And that all sounds pretty cool when we say it out loud right? Hello? Did some of you just glaze right over the tech speak?

Check it out for yourself here.

You see, not everyone responds to the spec sheet as well as we do. We’ll admit that even we don’t truly understand what Quad HD means… aside from it makes images look really freakin’ good. Most people don’t know exactly what they want in a device, they just know it when they see it. Or better yet, when they hold it. So how do you help consumers gain contextual relevance, and the feeling of holding the device in their hands while browsing a website that’s primary purpose is to highlight the tech of the phone?
R/GA came to us with the idea of creating a virtual test drive of sorts, a WebGL based experience where users could explore the S6 in photoreal 3D and in real time, as well as position it to prompt vignettes that highlight aspects of the phone in surprising, yet elegant and recognizable ways.
The site can be driven in three ways. Through a simple clickable navigation menu at the bottom of the site, or with their mouse, moving the phone around in different angles to find each vignette. The third, and one of the coolest features of this project, is the ability to use your own phone as a controller for the virtual Galaxy S6.
To do this, the user visits the site on their phone and enters in a code that’s prompted on their desktop browser. Once that’s done, the user takes over control of the S6, turning, twisting and tumbling their own device while watching the S6 mimic the movement on their desktop. As close to an in person introduction as the internet has to offer.
In addition to the WebGL utilized for the Galaxy S6, each vignette required it’s own set of solutions to place the phone in such a unique setting. Working with the team at RG/A, we conceptualized, designed and executed 6 vignettes, from breaching whales and bamboozled hummingbirds, to golden sunsets and time lapse cookies.
Using mostly video elements layered in 3D, we created photoreal hummingbirds and whales, composited perfect sunsets and shot an awful lot of time lapse cookies.
The thing about shooting cookies baking, it smells like cookies baking all day. And once they’re baked, I mean you’re not just gonna throw them away right? You see where I’m going here… Let us know if you need us to shoot more cookies baking. We’re definitely into doing that again.
The resulting experience places the new Galaxy S6 into the users hands and gives them the ability to really get a feel for this groundbreaking device. It also, for some reason, gives us really strong cookie cravings.
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