Project Description


Apple TV+ Launch Toolkits


Identity, Logo Treatment, Promo Toolkits


New Shows, New Identities

When Cupertino’s finest decided to throw their hat into the original content ring, everyone took notice. A slew of competitors were already vying for eyeballs, so Apple knew they had to make a big splash right out of the gate. With the upcoming release of eight originals on launch day and a steady stream of new series and movies to come over the following weeks and months, the newest player in streaming had a lot of work to do. That’s when they tapped us to help get their roster of shows ready for the big stage.


Explore Every Angle

Each show required the development of a custom multi-element promo toolkit. With a number of titles being developed on parallel tracks, and each property having a unique tone and style, we employed a diverse range of artists to approach them from all angles. Armed with basic information about each show, scripts, and access to early rough cuts, we set out to establish the look and feel of the endpage and logo treatment as the anchor of the package. From there, we expanded the design and motion signatures into title cards and lower third toolkits for each show.


Iterate, then Reiterate

With any exploration we do, for any new show we help bring to market, we tend to explore all facets of what a visual identity could be.  In that process, working along side the team at Apple TV+ (with eyes on this going up to Tim Cook himself) we pulled ideas together and simplified, honing the direction to what works best for the show property.  Iterated and reiterated until we nailed the simplest approach to embodying the tone and subject of a show. We did this with every one of the launch titles, and a handful of others slated to debut later.

The Morning Show

For All Mankind






The Elephant Queen

Ghost Writer

Snoopy In Space

Truth Be Told

Little America

The Banker


Launch Roll Out

Fourteen show packages later, Apple TV + established itself as a leading creator of unique original content. It’s a long play for certain, but with The Morning Show grabbing an Emmy nomination (a feat that is unheard of for a service right out the gate) Apple TV+ certainly got off to a great start. For the company that dared to think different, we can’t wait to see where they take the medium next.