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AR Alphabet

A New Take on the Alphabet

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Building a Manipulative Alphabet

Everyone has a hobby. Collecting 80’s mix tapes. Late night fishing off the pier in Santa Monica. Street racing 70’s muscle cars at 2am. AR has turned into something of a hobby of ours. We’re constantly testing out new techniques to find out where we can go with it and how we can apply the technology to manipulate our world in different ways. The AR Alphabet is one such internal initiative where we seek to bring the alphabet to brilliantly animated life. Our Brief: Take a children’s alphabet and interpret the letters as interactive worlds. Within our alphabet, each letter is a scene just waiting to be explored. Point your phone and out pops our astronaut and his floating asteroid. Tap around, blow up planets, push the astronaut and the scene becomes a mini sandbox for exploration.


Designing an Experience Out of Letters

Like those alphabet cards you use to quiz you child on their ABC’s, we designed each card with iconic elements that began with that letter. We’re fascinated with the educational market. Good design seems hit or miss. There’s a balance between the sophistication of commercial design and something that’s just fun to look at and play with. A part of this exercise was to strike that balance and create something user friendly for kids to play with, but also hold up to our standards as a design company.