We Are Royale

AR Calendar 2015

Putting Adventure on the Agenda

AR iOS App, Letterpressed Calendar


Begone, Desktop Calendars of Old

Not since The Far Side got in the game, have we been really psyched up about a desktop calendar. They often just sit there as a constant reminder you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday in midsummer since the last time you tore off a page was evidently Jan 2nd. And thus was born the burning question: what does the future of desktop calendars look like?


A New Way of Engaging

Each month’s interactive stories culminate in a year long adventure of silly proportions. Our companion iOS app enables the AR and helps keep track of hidden achievements. Like any mad scientist, we needed to hold the physical iteration. So letterpressing the artwork into buttery smooth stock with the help of Creative Letterpress Inc. was a must.


Bye-bye, Mundane. Hello, Marvelous.

We’re artists, and we love doing cool sh#t that explores the limits of our whole studio’s creativity. Be sure to keep an eye out for Easter eggs. You never know what combination of keys on a certain 80’s “heartthrob” might unlock a certain “theme song” to the greatest television program ever created in the history of mankind.

And you can quote us on that.