Deadly Class Series Premiere Trailer

The Breakfast Club, with Weapons

Launch Trailer, Graphic Toolkit


Bring a Cult Comic to the Small Screen

When the team at SYFY slid the cult classic graphic novel Deadly Class across our table and tapped their finger against it saying “this,” we were stoked. The preview of the show’s cinematography showed the care and consideration that’s required of a faithful translation. To reflect the comic’s punk rock roots, they needed a fast-paced, highly stylized trailer that would satisfy die-hard fans, while enticing new ones to join the faction.    


Revisit the Decade of Decadence

Ah, the 1980s. The Beastie Boys were killing it, Tim Burton was crafting his magnum opus, fashion was, well, it had some fun moments. Deadly Class paints a much darker picture of that beloved era, more reminiscent of the Iran-Contra than MTV and Trapper Keepers. Set in a private school for wayward assassins, we fought to strike a balance by juxtaposing original comic book panels with content from the new show, crafting written copy, and title cards, that felt like they belonged in the world and tonality of the comic.


Trailer as Fan Fiction

Deadly Class has an undeniable cult following. SYFY knew going into Comic-Con that fans would appreciate their interpretation. Which is why we leaned so heavily into the source material…and of course the classic Ah-ha video for “Take on Me.” We couldn’t resist.