Direct Response Campaign

Unlocking Writer’s Block

Product Explainer Videos


A.I. Gets Grammatically Correct

Most artificial intelligence is a thing of science fiction authors, doomsday theorists, and episodes of X-Files. If used for good, AI also has the ability to transform and improve human lives. Case in point, Grammarly. It improves your grammar, enhances your word choice, and makes your writing more concise across multiple platforms. AI that makes writing case studies easier? Sounds a lot better than that computer Matthew Broderick got mixed up with in 1983’s War Games.

For our collaboration, we were invited to visually illustrate Grammarly’s advanced writing enhancement technology within the context of a series of live-action explainer videos. We wanted to highlight its diversity in usage to inform viewers about how Grammarly makes anyone a better writer. Including us, which is no small feat.


Helping You Write, Across Platforms

Our primary job was to demonstrate the multi-purpose feature set of Grammarly, from composing emails or text messages to writing essays. We shot on location in Seattle, using City Hall and the Seattle Public Library in an effort to establish a diverse roster of locations—a downtown office space, a small interior design business, a home office, a college lecture hall, and more.

The campaign showcases how Grammarly was designed to benefit anyone writing on a digital device with multiple points of accessibility.


Let’s Get ‘em up to Speed

One of the main design challenges of these spots was to illustrate how Grammarly’s user interface works on computers and mobile devices. We worked through a reinterpretation and simplification of the UI with quick commercial readability in mind, while still maintaining the look and feel of the brand. The UI elements were tracked into the footage, floating to the side of talent in order to illustrate Grammarly’s usefulness as a digital companion that makes writing easier at home or on the go. 


Here’s to a World of Better Writers

Our collaboration with the creative team at Grammarly was an absolute pleasure. Together, we crafted an effective set of content videos that will help attract new users and inform them about their platform. We look forward to seeing Grammarly grow as they continue to expand the scope of the writing feedback they offer and refine their online editor. It’s an amazing toolset and one worth calling attention to, and with over 45 million views, we would say the word is getting out how amazing a tool Grammarly is. Ad Week announced that it was YouTube’s top TrueView for Action Direct-Response Ad for 2019. But hey, if we helped a few people craft a convincing resume out there, then we call that a success.