Project Description

FOX & iHeart Radio

iHeart Living Room Concert for America Show Package

Lifting Spirits for COVID-19 Relief

Show Package, Toolkit



In a time where live events are being postponed, if not cancelled, and everyone around the country is coming to terms with a new norm of working from home, teaching their kids, while making ends meet, everyone needs a little uplifting right now.  iHeart Radio and FOX found themselves in a similar situation with their award show, but instead of simply postponing the event, they knew people around the country needed some help, so they pivoted and quickly assembled what is arguably a worlds first:  A live benefit concert hosted by Elton John from his living room featuring a roster of A-list celebrities all performing from their own living room, all in the name of raising money for coronavirus relief.  We were happy to help the team at Tenth Planet pivot creatively, and build them a toolkit of elements they could use to wrap the show.



With over 9 million views (and counting) and over $8 million donated to relief, what the team at iHeart and FOX managed to pull off was a success. COVID-19 is forcing everyone to think differently in a time where the health and wellness takes the ultimate priority.  Seeing a massive team pivot creatively to do some good, and rally artists from all over the world to contribute to a living room concert is nothing short of inspiring. People need this right now, and we’re honored to have a small involvement in pulling it off.