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Make a Play

Facebook approached us to bring some fun and shareability to game-related stories on Instagram. Posting updates and shareable content to fans and friends alike is a common use for stories on Instagram, and bringing more awareness to this tool was key to the concept.

Our approach was all about fun, animated moments that could stand out from the flood of content that typically peppers a user’s story. The animated narratives also featured CTA moments designed to induce gamers to share gamertags with friends. To kick it all off, we needed our gamers.


Celebrating the Gamer moments

We ultimately developed three thematic animation groups, which each had numerous variations and deliverables. “Gamertag” celebrated the obvious and the weird in all of our gamertags. “Achievement” was all about those big moments that capture our favorite games. “Avatar” highlighted the characters we embrace when we head into battle.


Invite everyone To play along

Instagram Stories is a powerful medium in the arsenal of social communication. These interactive animations were designed to show gamers how Stories can be used to express themselves and get closer with their friends all over the world with fun little bite-sized animations that explore what social media can be used for today.