QuickBooks Point of Sale Campaign

A Small Business Story

Commercial Spots


Intuit – Pickles

Intuit – Toys


Retail at it’s Finest

Jars of pickles, robot toys, and 2D character animation. It’s a time-honored combination few could resist. Including us, when presented with the chance to use them for a few cute spots highlighting Intuit’s QuickBooks Point Of Sale system. Our mission: to tell a story that focuses on the plight of small business owners.


Just Add Pickles

Peter, after picking a peck of pickled peppers, now sells artisan pickles in a barrel-shaped store at the end of the block. And then there’s Lucy, who owns a toy store centered around her obsession with little toy robots. We feel ya Lucy. Each spot went through rounds of character design, and layout design to get just the right, slightly eccentric, feel we were looking for.  Like any good Portland specialty store, ours had to be borderline obsessive in its commitment to the craft.


Quirky but Familiar

Intuit’s POS solves a well-known conundrum for business owners: setting up systems so you can spend less time on the “chores” and more time on the parts you love. Like demonstrating the laser beams on the latest robot, or sampling some sweet gherkins.