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Crafting a Dark and Twisted Brand for a Dark and Twisted Show.
Crafting a Dark and Twisted Brand for a Dark and Twisted Show.
Amazon Prime Video
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Client: Amazon Prime Video

Project Description


Based on the wildly popular podcast by writer and producer Aaron Mahnke, Amazon Prime’s “LORE” is a deep dive into the dark and twisted folklore cultures have spread for decades. One part fantasy, one part history – “LORE” examines both sides of the coin through a mix of recreations and animations.

The team at Amazon Prime partnered with us to help them create a range of styles that could brand the show through key art and animation across their various platforms. This included social content, poster art, thumbnails, banners, which extended into animated promos and the main title sequence.

We worked closely with the astounding team at Amazon Prime to hone in on what the show should FEEL like, how we should convey that in the stories the promo spots were going to weave together, and the illustration styles they would use to showcase them.

A diverse story-driven show needs a diverse story-driven set of illustration styles to pull from. We worked closely with the artists of the show to craft an eclectic range of styles to “LORE’s” marketing look.


We were creatively responsible for how the show would look across all of Amazon’s platforms. Since “LORE” is a narrative based show, we began the process with the promo campaign. Weaving all the show content together into a single 30 second narrative was the primary task at hand, one we solved by establishing a look that evolved over time, much like how a storyteller jumps from one story to the other. Folklore blends together.

Once we had a solution to combining the diverse content (werewolves and asylums working hand-in-hand), we began to distill those stories into pieces of key art. This defined “LORE’s” storefront look, as well as its social presence. It also included the refinements to the podcast logo, and led to us creating the open for the show.


Working with illustrators Jordan Bruner and Jana Heidersdorf, whose unique styles lend themselves so well to the twisted tone of the show, we developed a narrative approach that would sew together the iconography from the show.

Every episode is a unique story, each centered on a specific piece of folklore. From werewolves and vampires to creepy dolls and haunted asylums – the show has range. Our task was to weave those narratives through an identity for the show as a whole.

Folklore has a way of evolving through time, changing and shifting. We developed a narrative that would evolve with those stories, weaving multiple stories in one stream of consciousness.


Our work with the team at Amazon Prime naturally garnished the attention of the show’s creators. There was a constant collaboration and respect for the work they were doing on the show. As they were animating episodes, we too were animating the promo spots. At the end of the process, they looked to the work we did on the promos as the source they wanted to use for the main titles of the show. We were honored.

The entire campaign for “LORE” was a creative collaboration that’s rare to find — from clients who really wanted to push the idea of what was “twisted” and “dark” to show creators who were enamored with the process and wanted to push the stories they were telling in the show.

The partnership led to some of the most creative work we’ve done, and something we stand by as a testament to the creativity we can achieve when we work together in a transparent, collaborative environment.