Hey Arnold! & Slimefest AR Effects

Filtering Fun for Your Face

Meta Spark AR Effects


Devise On-Brand Social AR

Ahh, remember the days of classic Nickelodeon shows like Double Dare and You Can’t Do That On Television? We’re still singing the commercial jingle for “Log” from Ren and Stimpy some 20 odd years later. Sigh. Our childhood memories of watching people getting slimed came to present day (augmented) reality when Nickelodeon invited us to create some exciting, shareable content for a Hey Arnold! TV movie and their latest SlimeFest. We got this.


A New Way of Getting Into It

We created two unique lenses for Nickelodeon on the Facebook AR platform, leveraging our years of experience working with Facebook within Spark AR.. Both lenses utilize the front and back cameras for unique and fun effects. The front camera reveals a selfie lens for individual AR experiences, while the back camera allows the whole gang to model famous Hey Arnold! accessories or alternatively, for everyone to get slimed. If you’re into that sorta thing, which we most definitely are.


Kooky, Cute, Shareable

Our history with building AR experiences allowed us to quickly provide imaginative, ephemeral content that’s responsive to users’ interactions. AR for social media is meant to bring a little levity into our lives. And this project nails that goofy, fun spirit and fulfills a few of our nostalgic dreams. Who doesn’t like slime?