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When Nike, the OG of game-changers, was ready to debut their latest ColorDry technology to the world, they needed something that would both illustrate and mystify their new waterless dyeing process. An introduction that would showcase their commitment to a better process, better product, and a better world – and just how ridiculously cool they are.


Action, Energy, Explosions

ColorDry is a high-tech method involving a chalk-like pigment, AKA a mote, that is heat and pressure fused to threads of fabric for a wildly vibrant dyeing process. But how do you transform a tiny particle of pigment into the powerhouse water saving bad-ass that it is, you ask?

We say, “think like Michael Bay”.

First, design an epic landscape filled with endless dry canyons. Then, follow the perspective of our hero, the mote, on a macro level. Watch as it implodes under the pressure of the atmosphere, creating a dense parcel of color as it careens into the tightly woven fabric like a meteor shower of light. Explosions upon explosions. Speed, size, and turbulence. Fracture, shatter, and expand.


Spoiler Alert: We Made it Out Alive

In the end, what we created was a collision of moments and sounds that not only showcased the technology but also mimicked the playing field, the court, or the arena. The crowd cheers, the anticipation builds, Nike’s signature swoosh filters through the air. Somehow, we felt like we witnessed a feat of creation culminating in the most vividly yellow shirt, coming alive and ready for athletic conquest.


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