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Capture the Sense of Touch

The Oculus Touch gets us one step closer to the holy grail of VR: total immersion. The Touch Controllers telegraph a user’s hands into 3D virtual space on a 1:1 scale and moving in exact relation to your own. It’s uncanny, and has only been topped by the triumphant return of Second Life. Along with the amazing team at Meta, we imagined a setting where friends could relax, play exciting games, and capture the moment of awe when you look at your virtual hands for the first time and jump into the new world. 

 Rift transforms your reality; Touch lets you shape it.


Hands On

With the magic of Oculus Rift, every button tracks the user’s hand position and gestures. Open your hand or give a thumbs up, and the controller knows. Another twist to the traditional VR formula is outputting what the players see onto monitors and TVs for all to see. Friends, family and coworkers cheer the gamer on as they float through zero gravity, shred the perfect guitar solo…or publicly shame them for missing the Wild West zombie behind the saloon bar. The five different games bleed into the real world through live action, practical lighting, fancy CG footwork and some magic we absorbed from countless hours of watching our brothers play Zelda.


A World in the Palm of Your Hand

Road trips, extra large cheese pizzas, Star Wars marathons, VR. Things are often better when shared. These campaign spots not only showcase the fun, excitement and wonder of jumping into VR, but also highlight how Oculus Touch can make a singular experience social. So next Friday night, why not land right in the middle of say, a gunfight where splinters shatter from cover, lanterns explode and fall to the ground, and every bullet whizzes by? It’s a new kinda party, just how we like it.