Venues Social Safety Film

Keepin’ the VR World Friendly

In-Product Content

Rule #1

Don’t Be An Asshat

We here at Royale try to live our lives by the rule: “do good unto others”. The rest of society? Sometimes they need a little reminder that their actions online have real world effects. It can be hard to walk in another person’s shoes when their identity is locked behind an avatar wearing plastic magenta ’80s sunglasses. But we won’t let that stop us in spreading the word of kindness. Meta in their launch of Oculus Venues, a social platform for group experiences, needed a safety video explaining to everyone in them, that the others there with you are real people too (sigh).

Rule #2

Don’t Be Gross

In addition to the safety video we made for Oculus Venues, we also made an animated Product Safety video for the Oculus Go. As more and more folks discover how cool VR is, it is only natural that VR headsets will be shared. So, to make sure Oculus Go users aren’t sharing say, conjunctivitis, along with the latest and greatest VR experiences, we made a video reminding folks to be stay sanitary. Similar style, more direct message: keep it clean.


Just Be Cool

Meta has been committed to a safe and comfortable environment for users since they drafted their first Kickstarter page and we are pleased our work can be an extension of that. Not only will you step into a world of enticing entertainment and beautiful design, but you’ll also get a sweet little reminder to be a good person on your way in (and hopefully on your way out).