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Oculus Quest Animated Warning

Oculus Rift S Animated Warning


Explaining Proper VR Etiquette

For all Facebook and Oculus has done to further the technology behind VR (and they knocked it out of the park with the Quest), it’s their determination to properly educate consumers on the health and safety of VR usage that we admire. A large part of the set up of both the Quest and the Laguna headsets revolve around an animated warning that educated those who are new to VR, as much as it gets them excited to jump in. Equal parts informative, and entertaining. We welcomed the challenge to evolve the illustrative animations we’ve been working on with Oculus, into a fully realized CG look that is something Oculus can carry with them into the future.


Stepping Into Another Dimension

For the first time, the Health & Safety team wanted to push their animated warnings into a fully 3D world to be in parity with the 3D worlds VR promises. Our first task then was to create an ownable look that was rooted in the work we’ve done in the past but leaves the door wide open for future narrative animation. That included a roster of characters of all ages, pets, indoor environments, and fantastic virtual worlds.



We worked closely with the team at Oculus to craft the scripts around the bullet-pointed list of warnings we needed to convey with each device and built our assets custom to those stories.  As we were crafting the animations, we were also building a larger toolkit of assets for Oculus to be able to leverage in the future. Our characters had to emote, they had to act to convey the nuances of the warnings. We had much more flexibility in CG to achieve this – and feel the stories were better paid off because of the complex rigs we built for each character.


A Virtual Victory Lap

Each warning is now forever a part of the initial set up for each device. Users of the Quest are greeted to a family jumping into VR together for the first time, base jumping, fending off a T-Rex, and dancing their night away. Users of the Rift S were greeted with 3 friends from around the world coming together to experience adventures in space, and a quieter relaxing moment in the north pole. The Animated Warnings were met with universal praise, and we’re proud of the collaboration between the team at Oculus and us to bring them to life. We look forward to the future of the characters we built, and the places they’ll go. Especially the cat guy – he’s our favorite.