Wonderfilled Campaign

Giving the Bad Guys Some Joy

Commercial Spot


Build a Wonderfilled World

From the jump, we all wanted a twist on the classic fairy tale formula. The question at hand: what would happen if we gave “villains” an OREO? The Big Bad Wolf? The 3 Bears from Goldilocks? Vamps the Happy Vampire? Darth Vader? Okay, that last one isn’t really a fairy tale, but it was a real consideration for a bit (so much so the team at Martin actually vetted the idea by Lucasfilm. Each character uses a 2D painterly style that’s rendered completely in 3D and rigged to embrace the squash/stretch effects of cel animation. At one point we had an entire world, all sharing OREOs in an epic Wonderfilled moment… but at long last, we had to narrow it down.

The Approach

Kick Starting in Person

This was a big deal for the creatives at Martin, rightfully so.  The track they wrote and recorded for “Wonderfilled” evoked such joy, it was a surefire hit of a campaign. In an effort to spark collaboration, a small team of Royale set up shop in Richmond to work directly together on the concept art and previs.  We all threw out a ton of ideas, and a ton of sketches for what was possible before refining it down to what made the final spot.


A Wonderfilled Collaboration

Even though a lot of our favorite characters may not have made the cut (Bob Ross meeting a Happy Yeti? Just sayin’) this spot is still one of the most imaginative pieces we’ve done. Both the process and the payoff are a fun, feel-good time. Because sharing OREO’s alters your view on the world and makes you a happy person/wolf.