Pass It On.
Pass It On.
Client: Mondeléz International
Agency: The Martin Agency

Project Description

Building a Wonderfilled World.

When The Martin Agency asked us to help launch a new campaign for OREO we were stoked. OREO is a solid brand, decent cookie, and for the most part, our favorite pastime. But we had no idea what to expect… then we saw their initial presentation and we were blown away. The idea of building a Wonderfilled world on the simple act of sharing such an iconic little cookie was one of the most inspiring briefs we’ve seen.

The campaign inspires creativity, and certainly inspired us to share a hefty deck of exploration with the gang and The Martin Agency. We started real ambitious, as we’re ought to do, packing as much as we could into a short 30 second Anthem spot like we were packing for a year long trip to the Swiss Alps. As we were collaborating with Martin, we honed in on what became a launch vehicle for their Wonderfilled campaign.

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How would you like your OREO rendered today?

One of the first things we did was to explore style. Key to the Wonderfilled campaign is it’s diversity of styles… every spot has it’s own voice. Finding the voice for the 30 second Anthem took a decent amount of exploration. Where we landed was a simple 2D painterly style that’s rendered completely in 3D.

A Wonderfilled Story

Going into this we knew the gang at Martin wanted to twist the classic fairy tale formula. What if we gave an OREO to… pick one. The Big Bad Wolf? The 3 Bears from Goldilocks? Vamps the Happy Vampire? Okay, so that last one isn’t really a fairy tale – but still, you get the point. Sharing OREO’s alters your view on the world – makes you a happy person/wolf.

So how do we pick what stories we feature in a single 30 second Anthem? Well, we developed a lot of characters in tandem with The Martin Agency. At one point we had an entire world of characters all sharing OREOs in an epic Wonderfilled moment… but at long last, we decided the best approach was to simplify, and focus on two stories: the Vampire, and the Big Bad Wolf.

Translating those stories into a 30 second arc was an act of true collaboration. A team from We Are Royale camped out in Richmond with The Martin Agency for a week and change to figure out the flow of the spot. We all wanted this to fit nicely with the other components of the campaign that were being developed in tandem. Being there in person helped that process tremendously, and after many different versions, we landed on the gray scale animation you see here.

The Vampire, affectionately known as Vamps, was modeled and rigged to embrace the squash and stretch that happens in traditional cell animation. We wanted his form to bend and distort to his action. The modeling process was going on as we were developing the story – meaning, at the end of the day, we had many more characters modeled than we had in the actual 30 second spot.

The Big Bad Wolf was modeled with the intention of painting the layers of fur into the texture, which only half justifies why the model looks like a flapper dress from the ‘20s.

The 3 Little Pigs were based on the same model, with small tweaks to distinguish them. They’re quirky little guys, mostly afraid of everything. One of them has an unhealthy fascination with the movie Titanic too – you can see him acting that out in the final animation. Cause, you know, James Cameron.

We call her Betty, and she will be ours. Just as soon as we figure out a few things about custom building cartoon cars. Namely – squeezing a 12 Cylinder Hemi into a stretched frame as thin as the conversations we have with our in-laws. ‘Cause Betty, she needs to fly.

A Wonderfilled Collaboration

Through it all we managed to pull out one of the most imaginative spots we’ve done. It still puts a smile on our face the second we see the flipping OREO’s, and hear the beat of that iconic song. What amazes us about this whole process is how creative it was, through and through. The Martin Agency wanted it’s vendors to have fun with it, take ownership over the idea. It was a collaborative effort the whole way.

There was a ton of work put into it’s development… And even though a lot of our favorite characters may not have made the cut (Bob Ross meeting a Happy Yeti would have been amazing…) But at the end of the day, it gave us an excuse to bring Chuck Norris together with an OREO… and that alone gives us reason to celebrate.