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The Pokémon Cards You’ve Dreamed Of

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Create a Digital Extension

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have hit buzzword status these days, and with good reason. They’re exciting technologies that bring a new experience to consumers. In our partnership with Omelet, we created a long standing Pokémon Card Pack commercial campaign. The new task at hand: take the existing scene files and characters made for the commercial and build an interactive experience that extends the wildly popular card collection game.


These Are Real Cards, Bro.

We’re game for just about anything in the AR/VR world. We’ve finely tuned that pipeline like no other, using 3D character animation assets – made for traditional promo spots – to create entirely new experiences. Download an app, point a camera at a card, and watch characters spring to life. We used targeted proximity to allow each card/character to recognize the other and then duke it out independently. The Virtual Reality extension enabled users to check out every detail of the expansive, lush surroundings set forth by the promos. 


Clash of the Cards

Pokémon is a vast, seemingly endless world of characters and environments, ripe for creative exploration. Our initial promo spots were a kick-off into these two thrilling new ways for fans to interact with that world. The VR extension allows fans to really feel the massive scale of the characters while the proximity recognition opens doors to some cool uses, including Augmented Reality Game Play. Our obsession with innovation, AR/VR (ok, and Pokémon) led to developing a process that bridges traditional animation and design with a fully interactive experience.