Simpsons 600 Promo Spot

The Pillaging of Springfield

Promo Spot


Prepare for the Gluttony

A distinctively crude, vulgar, gluttonous sense of humor has solidified The Simpsons as a staple of American culture. So naturally, on the day we gobble up the harvest of the New Land, we give thanks to Matt Groening for bringing us 600 episodes of an iconic cartoon family. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we teamed up with our allies at FXX to craft a spot that would serve as a call-to-arms, and Turkey legs, to indulge in the lust for more Simpsons episodes…and give the American people something other than football and the National Dog Show to watch on Thanksgiving. 

For that, we are so very grateful.


Take ‘em to Battle

We immediately began thinking of several scenes from the Spartan film 300. Perhaps you’re thinking – 300 and The Simpsons? That reference seems a little disjointed. But you would be incorrect in that assessment. What better touchstone for a battle cry for gluttony than epic, blood spattered comic-book-style sequencing?


A Horror Story… For Innocent Turkeys

Mimicking the dynamic end credit sequence of 300 with quick, graphic camera moves set the tone as the rock hard abs of Spartan soldiers are replaced with the squishy beer belly of Barney, the Duff Guy, and the titular family, because abs are overrated. Rather than spears and blood splatter framing our action, there are knives, forks, pink donuts, and beer flowing across screen. (Very similar to our own Thanksgiving table). Wide angle compositions of crowds of Springfieldians rushed toward the camera to get their mouths around the turkeys as they run for their lives.


Why F-Up a Good Thing?

At this point, Lisa’s hair silhouette is as iconic as the American flag, as is Marge’s perm and Homer’s immaculately placed two hairs. With a 2D show, the characters remain consistent no matter the camera angle. (Lucky). But for this, we needed 3D moves that would revolve the action and composition. Some elements were rendered in 3D space as silhouettes while others used a combo of 3D elements with 2D characters. For the less iconic elements of the show, like the splatter and the turkeys, we took a looser, more fluid approach. 


Eat Up, America

It’s not too often you get to work with the heroes of your childhood. Ok, who are we kidding? We practically built this business to attract our childhood heroes. So when we can team up with FXX on a franchise like The Simpsons and they let us combine it with references to one of our favorite comic-book action movies, let’s just say Christmas came early. Having the liberty to experiment with the characters, silhouette them out, let their eyes be their expression, and give 2D elements depth was a joyous challenge. The spot represented the best of the Thanksgiving spirit – an addictive, endless binge fest with all your favorite people. Now if you excuse us, we have a Slim Jim to finish.








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