Under Armour

UA ColdGear 2018 DSG Campaign

Absolutely No Chill

Commercial Spots, Social Content, OOH, Pop-Up Experience Assets


Bring the Heat

Under Armour is a brand with deep roots in innovative sports apparel. So it’s fitting they would team up with retail giant Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG) for an exclusive seasonal campaign promoting one of their advanced clothing technologies. The star: ColdGear, a collection of inner and outer layers that promises to keep wearers warm, dry, and light. We came into the collaboration to create a set of live-action promos that would ultimately provide digital and print assets for several aspects of UA’s 360 campaign. 


Break the Ice

Our undertaking commenced with a top-to-bottom live-action shoot, for which we prepared with a vigorous round of stretching (so important to stay limber). A 48-foot long patch of realistic turf was staged with semi-realistic snow to place our actors in a frosty ice box training ground. Behind the turf was an enormous screen used to further our frigid environment. On screen we showcased various edits of our animations to correlate with the actors’ performances to electrifying effect. It was like a co-ed Stones Super Bowl concert in the snow with athlete back-up dancers.

The Imaging

Under Thermal Pressure

How does ColdGear keep consumers warm, even in the most punishing of environments? Energy focuses on pressure points across the body as it moves and in areas where the most heat is generated and captured by ColdGear. So, of course, we needed a unique thermal imaging signature for the Under Armour brand. A volumetric technique was created, set within match moved CG models of their live action counterparts.  It was a signature look that branded the benefits of ColdGear across the marketing campaign.

The Typography

A Custom Cornerstone

The editorial typography we developed early on informed the live screen and ultimately gave momentum to our edit of the talent’s actions. The full roster of iconography not only serves the motion aspects of the campaign, but also lends its help to the print, in-store and social media components.

Commercial & Social Content

Fierce Flexibility

Nimble, flexible, customizable. The digital deliverables for UA’s cross-promotion with DSG on both web and social media included numerous 6 second and 15-second cut downs. Included were a variety of parameters such as widescreen, 1:1, 4:5 and 9:16. Many of these edits highlight specific garments while allowing the national spot to focus on the entirety of the campaign. Master files were built according to platform and allowing for both horizontal and vertical formats.


Zero Chill, Maximum Moxie

We admire and stand with Under Armour’s insistent desire to push the creative forward. It’s inspiring. 

The result is a campaign as unrelenting as the brand itself: from live action to dynamic CG to graphic type and identity design. Content that urges its audience forward to push the boundaries of their limitations, despite (and maybe because of) their surroundings at hand.