Washington’s Lottery


Prototyping Your Dreams

Commercial Spot


A Futuristic Fantasy

It was high time we tackled another fun spot for Washington’s Lottery, mostly because it gives us an actual reason to imagine what we’d do with our lottery winnings, and a chance to team up with Cole & Weber. We dubbed it: “Device.” Centered around the idea of a crazy future smartphone fashioned from our wildest dreams. Foremost being voice recognition commands that won’t return unwanted results like the current weather in Bangladesh or “I can’t help you with that yet.” “Yet?”  Really? We’ve been asking you to play the same playlist from Spotify for 3 years now–pretty sure “yet” is off the table by now.


Put it To the Test

A classic CG integrated spot, we got things started by designing our actual phone that could not only make a clear call, but also fly like a drone and withstand incredible impacts. Because we go hard, we collabed with an industrial designer to create a phone that not only looked futuristic, but could also function at a high level. Articulated retractable arms with watch-like precision pop out from all sides. Crazy superman metal composed the body. Trust us: that stuff ain’t cheap, but we built one anyways…  no seriously we built a physical model to use in the shoot.


Indestructible Imagination

We shot on location in Eastern Washington and added some cool extras like the smasher and research facility in post. Though truthfully, it would have been dope to find an actual building hidden like that out there in the middle of nowhere all X-Files style. Up next: getting that stinkin’ hover-board to work.