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To be honest, banking wasn’t our strong suit growing up (hence, a degree in the creative arts). We only knew the money in our account was locked away, never to be used for the latest AC/DC album. Statistics and the fine-print features of bank accounts can make many people’s eyes cross. Wisely, Wells Fargo and BBDO wanted to band together for a series of spots that would explain the benefits of their services in a quirky, story driven way that captures the imagination of banking.

Turns out, bankers have imaginations too.


Finance Meet Feel-Good

We’re often tasked with creating a product demonstration without actually showing the real interface. Luckily, we love animation, and that allows us to simplify the UI in an easy-to-understand way with shapes of color in place of blocks of text. They’re sophisticated promos featuring simplified silhouettes, but with a relatable, hand-shaded feel. Complex but lively transitions allow the shapes in one scene to bleed into the next–all stitched together with a little well-placed day-to-day humor. 


As Smooth as a Used Car Salesman

Here, we pushed the boundaries of simplification into something streamlined, elegant, and fun, but still informational. The fluid language of the animation carries the viewer through at a brisk pace. They’re four spots jam-packed with as much design, info, humor and storytelling as we could muster. Getting us that much closer to our lifetime goal of wedging a feature film into every 30 (or 15) second animation we get our hands on. And generally up-leveling our banking prowess.